This course is aimed at EFL teachers who would like to specialise in teaching Business English.

It is an ideal supplement for newly qualified EFL teachers who feel more comfortable teaching in a business environment than in a general language school. In many non-English countries, corporate English is a growth industry in which there is an increasing demand for dedicated and qualified teachers who have a solid understanding of business processes, procedures and terminology.

The course we offer focuses on the functions and skills that business people need to use English effectively in the workplace. The course covers the entire process of Corporate English Training, from the initial interview to the final assessment.

The course is a combination of distance learning and tutorials. Upon registration, you will be given a manual with assignments to complete. Your tutor will give you personalised feedback on each assignment while personally guiding you through the trickier parts of the syllabus – such as proficiency assessments and needs analysis. During these tutorials, you will be able to clarify any problems you may have with the course. Practical work in compiling a course syllabus and sourcing materials will be done face-to-face with the tutor.

The modules for this course include:
  • The special nature of business English
  • Establishing the client’s needs
  • Proficiency assessment
  • Designing a course
  • Selecting, writing, collecting and developing materials
  • Teaching business skills
  • Cultural diversity in international business
  • Distance training: computer VOIP and tele-training
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Fundamental business principles and terminology
  • Progress and final testing vs continuous portfolio assessment


TBE (Teaching Business English) 2018

A 30-hour intensive theoretical and skills development course in the
Teaching of Business English.

Available as:
- 22 hours of distance study with assignments corrected by our facilitator and 08 hours face-to-face instruction R 4 200.
-  Distance course only (no face-to-face) – R 3 600.00

COSTS:   R 3 600  /  R4 200 (non CTTTI students R 3 800 / R 4 600)


Testimonial TBE

  • Hi Manya I have just completed the TBE course at the Cape Town TESOL Training Institute with Liz Biggs. I moved to London at the end of July and applied to do the TBE via correspondence. Liz kindly agreed to help me and gave me 6 months to complete the course. Through her prompt responses within 24hrs to my assignments and questions I managed to complete it in 3 months. The material was fantastic. Interesting and most informative making this one of the most enjoyable courses I have followed. Liz's help and comments when marking my assignments helped me enormously. The comments were very practical which helped me think of the tasks in a practical manner rather than text book style. I would highly recommend this course as Liz is an excellent facilitator.
    Janet Haigh
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