Module 2

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The role of grammar instruction in EFL

Recent research by linguists has shown that grammar instruction can play an important role in fostering accuracy in AL (additional language) production.

Less certain is the knowledge of how grammar learned can be effectively transformed into
grammar used. Unless the learner is at the right stage of language development, there is very little
transfer from extrinsic knowledge about the language to intrinsic knowledge in which the language
can be produced without conscious effort (as occurs in native speakers).

While there has been very little agreement on how grammar should be integrate into a
communicative syllabus, the consensus is that it would be counterproductive to return to the
traditional grammar method of teaching examples. In this, students learn about the language and
are able to score well on grammar-based tests but are unable to produce the same grammar
spontaneously in conversation.



NB! Your assignments will be graded as much on your use of the English language as it is on the content. Be sure to pay close attention to your use of English, as poorly written assignments will result in low marks or a failed assignment.

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